Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PNX.TF now with blog

I decided to start this blog as a test-balloon in order to complement my recently launched site pnx.tf.
There are multiple reasons for this.

First, I feel that it will help me to publish content easier, which is something I had in mind for some time already. Each blog entry is defined by its publishing time as well as optional tags, which allows for at least two comfortable ways of exploring it.
Furthermore, a notification on updates in form of feeds comes for free with the provided infrastructure, which is really handy. You readers can directly comment on the posts, too, another plus.

I didn't have any plans on integrating all that functionality into pnx.tf because I like my main website static. But as an addition, I think it's the right decision. This means that I will keep the main site reduced to some kind of documentary file vault, a showcase of my work. It will provide the space for references I might want to include here.

That's for the introduction, I hope that I can follow up with actual content soon.

Alex already blogged on a project that I put some effort in some time ago and published a really nice script in Python for IDA that allows automatic renaming of functions containing certain API calls.
Over he last week, I picked up development speed for the GUI-driven version Alex mentioned. It contains some bonus features, so if you like the renaming script, chances are good you will like my plugin, too.


  1. Okay "Dan the Man with the plan"! (sorry, it rhymes to easy).
    I in fact read Alex's blog (where I posted a comment) that ended up here.

    I for one would very much like to see your ("idascope"?) function naming tool.

  2. Hey, thanks for you comment! I read your comment over at his blog. I thought of indexing function names with numbers as suggested by you but I got stuck at the point where multiple tags are appended to one function. It's still easy to number genuine combinations of tags but I'm not sure if this is what you really want there. However, We keep the tagging configurable anyway so there will be probably room for this, too.
    Thanks for the feedback and sharing your thoughts.