Monday, August 20, 2012

IDAscope Beta

I've finished writing Epydoc-compatible documentation for the code and changed some more minor things. This basically summarizes my weekend. So here is just a short announcement for today.


If you are interested in beta-testing IDAscope, please write an email to:

idascope <at> pnx <dot> tf

including the operating systems you run IDA on, the version of IDA you have and a short reason why you are interested in the plugin / what you usually use IDA for. E-Mail is required, so I can provide you a download link.

Note: IDAscope is completely Qt-based (requires PySide installed along IDA to run) and I could only test it with IDA 6.2 and 6.3 on x86 Windows so far. Therefore, I'm mostly interested in other setups.

I'll hurry in preparing a release package (with a short manual), you should get a notification in the next days.
Depending on the number of requests, I'll limit beta-testing to a group of users that covers a maximum of variety in system/IDA setups and versatility in IDA usage.

Don't be sad if you are not in that group because the official release of the first version will hopefully be following the beta quickly!


  1. when will source code be release?

  2. The official release will be within a month from now.