Saturday, September 1, 2012

IDAscope beta update

Nothing much to blog about. Therefore, only a short update on IDAscope's progress.
I just pushed out a second beta version to the people that expressed interest in testing it. If you are interested, too, this announcement is still valid. ;)

Here is a list of changes/fixes included with the second beta:

Function Inspection:
- Added functionality to create functions from unrecognized code. This function will first try to find and convert function prologues (push ebp; mov ebp, esp) and then convert the remaining undefined code.
- Added functionality to identify and rename potential wrappers (small functions with exactly one call referencing an API function). Thanks to Branko Spasojevic for this contribution.

- Fixed path resolution for html files, should work on non-Windows operating systems now, too. Thanks to Sascha Rommelfangen for fixing this, I only have IDA versions on Windows available so I could hardly debug this.
- Included a back/forward button to allow easier browsing of visited articles.

Crypto Identification:
- Adjusted default parameters to a tighter set, resulting in less false positives on startup.
- Added some crypto signatures (CRC32 generator, TEA/XTEA/XXTEA).

The public release will be in two weeks from now.

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