Monday, September 17, 2012

IDAscope Release!

Good News for all people interested in IDAscope.
I submitted the extension to the Hex-Rays contest two days ago and today I want to follow up promises and release a first public version.

You can find the repository we will use to publish future updates here:

There is a prepared download for version 1.0. You can also checkout via git from the repo (right now they have the same content).

For installation instructions, feature description and usage, check out the manual located in IDAscope/documentation/manual/.

A big THANK YOU to all people who did a beta test of IDAscope. You provided very helpful feedback!

We hope it turns out to be an useful addition to IDA Pro. Development does not stop here of course, as we plan to continue the project to integrate more features.

We are open to feedback, so don't hesitate to tell us your opinion!

UPDATE 18.09.2012: There was a bug in the initial release that has been fixed. Check out the following blog post for details and a new feature!

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